Lama 2 go

the unforgettable family experience with the 14 llamas and alpacas from the Hinterwalderhof in Meransen


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Visit the stables and the outdoor area, get to know the alpacas in their everyday environment. Take a look at what can be made from the wool of the animals and go on a little trekking tour with our animals.

1 hour fun

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Adults €15
  • Children €10

It's so cool

Our tours lead through shady forests and are comfortable in any weather - have fun with the alpacas from the Hinterwalderhof - let the others sweat.

Our Trips


Gustav is one of our largest animals - that's why he leads our longest tour. It takes 3 hours, leads to an alpine pasture in the Altfasstal, where there is a hearty snack before we hike back strengthened.


No one is in such a hurry as our Fritz. He can't stand it for long - but he has a lot of fun in life. And Fritz leads our smallest and shortest tour - an hour to a mountain stream from which the animals can drink.


Paula is always in a good mood. She loves parties and loves to feast. That is why she leads our grill tour. Hearty grilled dishes and delicious salads - combined with a decent march. We have planned 4-5 hours for this.

Single Siegfried

Siegfried is an individualist. He likes it personally - and he does it for you too. Book the "Single Siegfried" tour and you will get a tailor-made day - whether for the family, school class or the company.

Greast Gustav

€  100 for the whole family 
(2 adults 2 kids)
  • adults 30 €
    children 20 €
  • Food included

  • 3 hours with your own llama / alpaca

Funny Fritz

€  50 for the whole family
(2 adults 2 kids)
  • adults 15 €
  • children 10 €

    without food
  • 1 hour with your own llama / alpaca

Party Paula

€  130 for the whole family
(2 adults 2 kids)
  • adults 45 €
    children 20€
  • with barbeque

  • 4 - 5 hours with your own llama / alpaca

Single Siegfried

€  ab 50 any number of participants you want
  • We put together a personal program for you.

  • With or without meals, for one or 20 people

  • You determine the time frame yourself.

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